Meet The HQ Family Of Electric Actuators

Meet The HQ Family Of Electric Actuators

Our Family of HQ Electric actuators have become one of the most popular actuators used in the UK, throughout a wide range of industries such as Water Treatment, HVAC, Process Plants, Biogas, Marine & Shipping and many more.

HQ Electric Actuators are known for their robust performance, reliability and quality of build, with a rugged IP67 aluminium housing, which is hard anodised inside and out to offer superb corrosion resistance this is increased with a polyester coating to the external surface.

Specifically designed for quarter-turn rotary applications such as Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug valves and Dampers. The HQ actuators are available in output torques from 30 to 11,000Nm and a wide range of voltages includes 24VAC, 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC and 415V Three-phase.

All actuators are supplied as standard with 4 limit switches (2 for motor operation and 2 for volt free indication), anti-condensation heater, manual override, visual indication and mountings to ISO5211.

Options include Battery backup for failsafe operation, ATEX EXD housing for use in hazardous environments, Modulating positioner card for fine control and IP68 housing for waterproof applications.


This compact, reliable Electric actuator is designed for use on small quarter-turn ball valves, ideal for smaller applications where there isn’t much space to work with. They are easy to install and perfect for water applications combined with WRAS approved ball valves.

Although small this industrial mini-unit has all the benefits of the larger HQ range and yet is extremely competitively priced.

This Actuator has IP67 protected die-cast aluminium housing, which makes it lightweight. Supplied with pre-wired cable, manual override, feedback switches, anti-condensation heater and LED optical indication.

Offered with 2/3 way brass or stainless steel ball valves, fitted and tested in house.


HQ003 Compact On / Off Electric Actuator - 30Nm



HQ005 Electric Actuator - 50Nm

The innovative HQ-005 was launched in 2017 and is one of the most advanced general-purpose actuators on the market today. Key innovations of the HQ-005 include a brushless motor for increased reliability, high visibility beacon, LED status indicators, 4 off limit switches, anti-condensation heater, manual override handwheel, 2 x M20 cable entries and unique direct mounting system (covering F3, F4, F5, and F7) offering greater flexibility as well as functionality.

This unit is also offered with failsafe functionality which until recently was only a feature of the previous larger actuators, HQ008 and above, but the HQ005 offers this highly desirable option, within the same footprint as its standard housing.

Again, the HQ005 is compact, robust and durable, with options for on/off or modulating, perfect for Ball and butterfly valves with all the functions of the HQ004/006 but with the additions of the HQ008. Housed in an IP67, blue polyester coated hard anodised housing the actuator is available in either single phase (85V to 265VAC) or 24VAC/DC.

To find out more about the HQ005 read our blog here ►►


HQ004 - HQ006

Ideal for small size, quarter turn, valve automation like ball and butterfly valves. This unit is small, lightweight and compact with a high-grade aluminium alloy housing, high corrosive resistance and weatherproof conforming to IP67.

Offered with on/off or modulating (HQ006), in sizes HQ 4-6, output torques of 40 to 60Nm, four limit switches, Anti-condensation heater and manual override as standard. This unit has high-quality electrical components and alloy gearing with a high-pressure die-cast aluminium housing which makes this unit extremely reliable with an amazing extended life span.


HQ004 - HQ006 Electric Actuator - 60Nm


HQ008 - HQ11000

This is our heavy-duty HQ actuator with a large range of output torques from 80 – 11000Nm. On/off or Modulating control, manual override, four limit switches, anti-condensation heater and Rugged cast Aluminium Housing, with battery backup available.

This unit is perfect for much larger ball and butterfly valve applications, just as simple to install and lightweight for its sizes.

HQ008 - HQ030 Electric Actuator with Failsafe Battery Backup Module


Explosion Proof Electric Actuator




Our ATEX EXD rated range of Electric Actuators are specifically designed for hazardous environments and use with quarter-turn valves including ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers with all the features of the HQ006, HQ008, HQ015, HQ020, HQ030 and HQ050.

For use with all our ATEX Rated ball and butterfly valves


All of our HQ actuators are available online from Valves Online, the HQ Electric actuator is just one of a large range of electric and pneumatic actuators and associated accessories available from stock.

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