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Airline Adaptors, Exhaust Silencers and Nylon Tube

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Pneumatic Fittings

  1. Stainless Steel Bulkhead Fitting
    From £20.49
    SKU: PF1039 Availability: Available
  2. Equal Elbow Metal Fitting
    From £2.37
    SKU: PF1032 Availability: Available
  3. Male Stud Metal Fitting
    From £1.32
    SKU: PF1026 Availability: Available
  4. Stainless Steel Equal Tee Fitting
    From £33.15
    SKU: PF1038 Availability: Available
  5. Polymer Multiple Tee Fitting
    From £2.77
    SKU: PF1015 Availability: Available
  6. Polymer Female Parallel Thread Straight Adaptor Fitting
    From £1.68
    SKU: PF1001 Availability: Available

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Stainless Steel Fittings

  1. Stainless Steel Male U Bolt Grip
    From £2.06
    SKU: SF1087 Availability: Available
  2. Stainless Steel Male Tank Connector
    From £30.80
    SKU: SF1085 Availability: Available
  3. Stainless Steel Female Rubber Lined Munsen
    From £3.72
    SKU: SF1088 Availability: Available
  4. Stainless Steel Male Round End Cap
    From £0.56
    SKU: SF1074 Availability: Available
  5. Stainless Steel Female Full Weld Socket
    From £2.38
    SKU: SF1475 Availability: Available
  6. Stainless Steel Female Reducing Socket
    From £1.40
    SKU: SF1375 Availability: Available

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Hygienic Fittings

  1. Hygienic IDF Weld Liner
    From £3.32
    SKU: HF1911 Availability: Available
  2. Hygienic DIN Blank
    From £6.26
    SKU: HF1924 Availability: Available
  3. Hygienic DIN Nut
    From £8.15
    SKU: HF1916 Availability: Available
  4. Hygienic 90° 1 x Diameter Radius Bend
    From £12.46
    SKU: HF1900 Availability: Available
  5. Hygienic 90⁰ (2 X Diameter) Bend
    Price On Application
    From £0.00
    SKU: HF1939 Availability: Call Us: 01822 855600
  6. Hygienic Swept Tee
    From £49.98
    SKU: HF1943 Availability: Available